Our Services

We specialize in solving and preventing tax problems.

Our primary services are Tax Payer Representation, Tax Consulting and Tax Preparation for current and past years.  Depend on us for  Employee classification/Trust Fund issues, Foreign accounts, Foreign income, Investment taxation and related tax issues.

IRS and state tax audits


We will serve as your representative and advisor for office, field and correspondence audits. 

        Do you know that letters (correspondence audits) are 85% of all audits?


Are you looking to appeal a tax action or even Tax Court?  We should talk.

Tax Compliance - Tax Preparation

Annual tax preparation is the usually the most important tax action of your year.  We not only study the tax code, regulations, policies and court cases - we ask probing questions to make certain you are paying the correct amount of tax and no more.


Tax Preparation Fees

Tax Planning

Tax Planning, part of our Tax Strategy services, will let you make informed decisions.  Do you know the amount of money that you need to pay in estimates for this year?  Is there something complicating your tax picture?  Stock options? Retirement Accounts? Inherited IRA?


We can help.



Smarter Tax Solutions LLC does not yet provide accounting, bookkeeping or payroll services. However, we are happy to recommend a competent professional for your particular needs. 

Business consultation


Business consultation - from inception through growth and the stumbling blocks along the way - is important.  We will work with you on small business set-up including consulting on the advantages of different types of organization.