Tax Payer Rights

Congress has given you TaxPayer Rights!  Some of these include:

  • To be presented by an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Attorney  (Please note that the IRS is now making audit contacts by telephone.  You just need to say "you will have to speak with my representative."   In addition, over 85% of audits are done by letter.)
  • To pay only the correct amount of tax due under the law -- no more.
  • To claim a deduction not on the original form.
  • To avoid unnecessary examinations.
  • To exercise all consitutional rights if questioned about criminal violations.


If at ANY time you, the taxpayer, wants to consult an Enrolled Agent or any other person permitted to represent you, the IRS examiner WILL stop and reschedule the interview.


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Scam Alerts:  March 2016  IRS Warns of New Phone Scam!!!!
The latest variation has the scam artists calling taxpayers to say they have their tax return and just need to verify a few details to process the return.
The IRS does NOT make these type of calls

Whenever you are contacted by the IRS whether in person, phone or mail, please contact us. We are your protection.



FAILURE TO FILE is worse that Failure to Pay:  Taxpayers who fail to file returns by the deadline may be liable for a failure-to-file penalty.  For taxpayers who fail to file their returns more than 60 days after the due date or extended due date, the minimum penalty is now $205 (not the previous $135) or 100 percent of the unpaid tax.


This provision is effective for returns required to be filed in calendar years after 2015.

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Alimony Audits:  The IRS is sending letters asking for proof of alimony paid.  Why?  The $2.3 billion in deductions without corresponding income.


Fourth largest tax prep business in the US shut down by Feds. 

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