Solving Tax Issues

Smarter Tax Solutions LLC specializes in Tax Payer Representation.  We are your advocate in solving tax problems.


We help when there is a federal or state income tax problem.  Even better, we can give you specific advice on your unique tax situation to clarify an issue before it is a problem with Our One Hour Tax Plan.


When your income taxes are significant, or there are major changes in your tax profile, you may want a Tax Projection with a few variations.   A specific tax projection avoids penalties and interest for underpayment and underwithholding.  Use it to avoid surprises.


Your facts and circumstances are unique and deserve personal attention.  But there are several good sources of general information.   search our Favorite Links.



Offer In Compromise


The IRS FRESH START Offer in Compromise (OIC) program is for a limited time!  If you owe the IRS (or states) taxes, penalties and interest, call us today. 


An OIC might be your best approach to reducing your tax debt.  But you won't know until you explore all of the options.  With Smarter Tax Solutions LLC, you will meet face to face with the tax professional who will represent you.  Private, personal, confidential.